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How are you doing?

It’s actually been a bit chilly and rainy here in sunny Spain, how’s the weather where you are.

Tell me would you rather it be sunny or rainy during quarantine?

I would take sun any day, but it has been good for the plants and things for the rain and I am convinced that Mother Earth needed a reset as much as we did.

Fish and Swans returning to the Venice Canal, a serious reduction in pollution over areas like China. It goes to show that we really can make a difference when we act as one – This is what it’s all about, and it shouldn’t take a pandemic to tell us that, but I digress. Rant OVER

This week marked my 60th episode, which I am very proud of!

And it’s extra special because it is the 60th one, and because I won’t be doing one next week since I’ve got my first ever 5 DAY CHALLENGE.

That’s right, Unleash the Wealthy Woman Within Challenge is here, so I won’t be here next week as I’ll be there every day for 5 days… You can register HERE up until March 27th.

Let me get back to today’s and I’ll tell you more at the end because this has been the number one thing coming up in my mentorship groups and with my private clients.

How can you maintain focus in times of crisis.

Now you can use this with any struggle, with any crisis at any time. Ready…

You stay focused on you and your vision.

That is not selfish, that is necessary because if you’re sitting there thinking, well she’s crazy, she doesn’t have kids, she doesn’t have to worry about anything, let me tell you that we all have our own struggles.

You are as fearless as the limits you set for yourself. Do you have a vision? Is it so clear that when your fears come up, you laugh in their face and do it anyway?

If not, then your vision is not clear enough. I talk to people all day who want to do big things and who say they want to reach a certain income or level of success, and then when it comes time to act, they don’t. They play small.

FOCUS ON YOU, WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL. DO NOT FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN NOT CONTROL, you will worry, you will feel stuck, you may feel helpless and may be even hopeless.

Life Strategies with Nat

That is on you… those are your thoughts that only you can change.

Vision is the destination, Strategy is the pathway there, YOU are the key to making it happen.

In order to change your current situation, you need to have a vision, a clear end point, just like when you get into your car and you put your GPS on and you say: take me to this specific location.

I am at this location, so give me the best route… that’s your strategy, it’s only as good as your starting point and your end point.

It can get foggy, there can be blizzards but never lose sight of that end point. Make sure you have checkpoints along the way so you don’t get lost, and even if you do, you can double back and still be ok because you know where you’re going.

How do you do this?

You join my 5 day FREE Challenge starting on Monday, March 30th at 7:30am Spanish time, so you have all day to get your daily tasks done and ask as many questions as you want.

You’re going to spend 5 days with me learning how to build a strategy to for living an extraordinary life, unleashing the wealthy woman within.

Wealth isn’t just money, it’s a state of being… it’s feeling abundant in all areas of your life, and we need to unleash that feeling so you can get to where you say you want.

This is directly from my Make It Happen Success System, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get access to this special training for FREE.

Register for your FREE space by March 27th by click HERE.

Lots of love and stay safe.


Natalia aka Nat

PS If you want to catch the video version, click HERE – subscribe and share if you get value from this xo

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