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Now I knew traveling with a suitcase might be challenging, but what I didn’t expect was that it would be THAT challenging. Airport to airport, no biggie… Getting on the train from Malpensa Airport, no biggie – you can simply roll your suitcase on the train. But, getting that suitcase on the train from Milan to Arth-Goldeau and then to Lucerne, oh boy – steep stairs! Travel Tip: You can get the train ticket from Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 (T1) to Milan Centrale Station (Milan) from the ticket machines when you get to the trains. You’ll get to the trains when you leave baggage claim via Exit, and then follow the signs to the Trains.

Let’s backtrack for a sec though to Milan Centrale Train Station – When I got off the train, I remembered the station from 12 years ago when I was last there with a few girlfriends. I walked to the station and looked around for ticket information. I decided to go to one of the red booths, and ask for a ticket to Lucerne. A lovely lady told me to go the the machine at platform 18 and get it there, or I could go to the ticket office downstairs. Platform 18 was right there, so I went to the machine – easy peasy 😉

When I got there, it said ‘non saleable’ which I thought to mean: sold out. Every train. “Ok”, I said, “don’t panic”… So, I asked again just to make sure where the ticket office was, and this time, the gentleman said, “Yes, downstairs”, so off I went suitcase and all.

I got to the ticket office, and there was a pretty big line… The time was 12:30, and the next train was at 13:25 – I got to the ticket booth, and all was well – I got the ticket with time to spare, so I went for a cappuccino, naturally, and got a bottle of water as well. Travel Tip: When in doubt, go to the ticket office. Sometimes the machine will not sell tickets if it’s across different regions (e.g. Switzerland and Italy (EU)).

I checked the Train schedule, and my train was coming in on Platform 18… So I waited there of course, but the train that came in was going somewhere else, and it was also leaving at 13:25. Hmmmm I looked again, and I saw ’18’, so now I’m getting nervous because it’s about 13:14… I looked again, and low and behold I was looking at the wrong column – Platform 8!! So I ran with all the luggage there, and 2nd class cars were at the end of the platform, of course… uggg.. Then this man asked me if he could help with the bag. ‘No thanks’ I say, and keep running. Another man asks me if he could help with my bag. I say ‘No thanks, I’m good.” Somehow I show him my ticket and he says ‘This is the right one’ pointing to the train car and helps me with my bag onto the train. He then says ‘Now you give me tips’ hahahaha. I say: ‘I have no money, which is why I didn’t ask for your help!’ uggg.. all good. He left peacefully and I found my seat, or so I thought… Apparently, I was in the wrong car. The phrase hot and bothered never rung so true hahaha.

Long story short, I had to move cars, luggage and all, and made it to Arth Goldeau Station, in time to switch platforms to catch my train to Luzern. Now, I had to take the #6 or #8 bus to my sister’s. I found the #8, but of course when I got on, I realized I was going in the wrong direction. A little extra scenic tour never hurt anyone though, and before I knew it, I was home sweet home. Thanks to the lovely lady that helped me with my suitcase for those last set of stairs – A little help goes a long way 🙂

Until next time!

Lessons learned:

  • Less is always more, especially with luggage
  • Signs are your friend, but so are people – ask for help when you need to
  • Don’t panic… it all works out in the end 😉

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