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Episode 47 – How To Turn Self Doubt Into Fuel

Well, that was a bit of a mess. Had all intentions of bringing in Guest Expert Gems Collins, Business Strategist, to talk about how to turn self doubt into fuel and, well, in the end I went solo.

Still a great episode, and I’ll have Gems back soon, but let’s get to the topic at hand.

On Life Strategies for the Entrepreneurial Woman, it doesn’t matter if you have a business or you’re in a professional career because being entrepreneurial is a character, a way of thinking, and a way of living.

Entrepreneurs just think and do things differently.

Every week, I talk about things that will help you reconnect to mind, body and soul so you can live a more fulfilled life by stepping into your power and developing key success habits.

Where does self doubt come from?

First off, what even is self doubt? It’s when you don’t trust yourself, to put it simply.

It creeps up on us from past experiences, it’s the stories we tell ourselves, but the good news?

It is all within your control.

You hear me say this a lot – you can’t control your circumstance or other people, but you can control yourself – your thoughts, your beliefs, your behaviours, your actions… that alllll you!

How do you recognize self doubt?

Self doubt appears mostly in the dialogue we have with ourselves and how we value ourselves as well.

When you say things like: Who am I to do this? or I don’t have the credentials, or I’m not good enough, or no one would pay me that for my skills…

I firmly believe that ANYONE can do ANYTHING in this world that they truly want. It’s our birthright.

There are limiting beliefs that you have LEARNED throughout your life and that you have stored in your subconscious.

How do you overcome self doubt?

Overcoming self doubt is something you need to work at as it depends on how much and how often your doubt yourself.

Here are a few things that you can do on your own:

  1. Just STOP – The second you start to notice this mindset creeping in, put a stop to it right away before it spins out of control
  2. Make a Life Map – look at all the people and experiences that have gotten you here; I guarantee that you will see just how much you’ve already overcome during times when you felt unsure and did it anyway
  3. Ask for help – Talk to someone or hire a coach that can help you face your self-doubt once and for all
  4. Don’t compare – Just don’t do it. You are on your own journey, focus on what YOU want and not what others have (or seem to have)
  5. Journal – You guys know I’m a big fan of journaling, and this is honestly one of the best habits you can get into
  6. People don’t really care about what you do or what you say as much as you think – it’s another story you tell yourself
  7. It’s not you, it’s them – when someone is mean or negative, know that that is their thing, not yours. In fact, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them
  8. Get high vibe! – do things you love, listen to your favourite song, use aromatherapy … raise your frequency and you will be amazed just how much things start to come together and align in your favour
  9. Know that failure and mistakes are the path to greatness – setbacks are just part of life so when you come to terms with that, it’s easier to not take things personally and see it all as a learning opportunity
  10. Celebrate your wins, no matter how small – get into the habit of looking at the good as well as the bad… the good lifts you up, the bad helps you move forward

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