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Reconnecting with Your Divine Power with Guest Expert Fay Semple

This week on Episode 48 of Life Strategies with Nat, I spoke with Fay Semple who believes in an ancient Arabic art of divination once widely practiced in the Middle East and Greece.

Those who seek wisdom from patterns in the earth and soil, like Fay, are known as geomancers, and are thought to have the power of connecting with the earth and the cosmos.

During the episode, each syllable that came from Fay’s mouth was laced with passion and enthusiasm, and I loved listening to her explain this exciting and mysterious art.

Geomancy for the Entrepreneurial Woman Explained

Fay has fused her belief of geomancy with modern female empowerment, as she describes her abilities as being able to reconnect us with an incredible matrix of energy and consciousness that is ever-present.

By connecting with this unseen but palpable force, women can join with the Divine Feminine, a concept that dates back to ancient Europe and revolves around the strife and evolution of powerful female figures throughout history.

This spirit of female determination was arguably seen in the likes of Joan of Arc and Elizabeth I; leaders and pioneers of their time.

Fay also spoke of chakras and auras, concepts seen across multiple cultures and traditions such as in Tai Chi, yoga and so much more.

Geomancy is another method of tapping into one’s spiritual force and opening the mind, body and soul to healing and empowerment.

This is an excellent practice for the female entrepreneur whose life is so full of challenges that stress could easily damage their health and wellbeing.

Geomancy sounds like a fantastic way to ward against that, amiright?

Like numerology, geomancy has the potential for tactical applications in business and in seeking success.

It is all about opening your mind to these new experiences and allowing positive thinking to rule your brain in place of skepticism and doubt.

Even if you think geomancy will not work, allowing yourself to open up to new cultures and traditions is seriously healthy and can inspire you to do great things.

Not only versed in geomancy, Fay also touched on “geocosmology”; a form of divination that taps into the astral bodies and the greater cosmos.

Belief in a higher being such as a god or a cosmic energy is often met with eye rolls and dismissal, but why not give it a chance?

Fay spoke with such conviction and energy that it was clear from a just minutes with her that she is a woman who has found fulfillment and satisfaction through her beliefs.

Fey’s level of enthusiasm is inspiring and her words on how we are all interconnected with the cosmos and the earth really resonated with me.

Taking ownership of what we can and cannot control…

Some things cannot be changed, and the fact that we have no control over a large chunk of our existence is a liberating thought.

That which we cannot control should not be worried over, giving us back time to focus on what really matters.

Even a basic understanding of geomancy has allowed Fey to identify certain geographical areas which resonate with a negative force.

From what I understand, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but merely a component of the balance of cosmic energy in the universe.

By knowing how to avoid a matrix of negative force, we can also avoid the symptoms that follow, such as depression and lethargy.

Reset, Recharge Reframe

This all links to resetting, recharging and reframing.

Sometimes you just need to get away for a bit and clear your head of negative energy, such as a long walk in a place close to nature.

Being stuck in one place for a long time is sure to invoke feelings of depression, kinda like how a hamster goes mad when stuck in a tiny cage for so long.

As humans, we are meant to explore and travel, use our legs and indulge our senses in new sights and sounds.

Having a clear mind is an absolute must when being an entrepreneur, as thoughts clouded by doubt and uncertainty will inevitably lead you to ruin.

Fay is an expert of her craft and we cannot expect to yield the same results as her straight away when it comes to the practice of geomancy, but we can take the key elements and use them to enrich our lives.

One such element Fay spoke of is brain chemistry.

Geomancy, Geocosmology & Brain Chemistry

Brain chemistry plays a major role in geomancy and geocosmology, but also everyday life.

Our brains are flooded with chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and glutamate.

The energy of the universe and the earth can have a profound effect on these chemicals, which is why in some places we feel down and upset.

An empty bar, for example, lacks the high vibe energy of a crowded nightclub where so many chemicals and electrons are racing between us on a neuron superhighway, leading to that feeling we call atmosphere.

I believe that a pleasant atmosphere is related to geomancy and areas of positive force.

We are connected to the earth and the energy of the cosmos, so when more people in an area are having a good time and loving life, the more powerful that positive energy will become.

This leads to having a good atmosphere, the kind which you can almost feel in the air like electricity.

It is no surprise that modern businesses try to encourage a positive and high-vibe work environment for their employees, as a positive and healthy atmosphere is key to productivity and job satisfaction.

As entrepreneurs, we must maintain an open mind to new opportunities of self-improvement and self-love, and geomancy is just one of many options out there for us to explore.

Join me next week for Episode 49 of Life Strategies with Nat where we will be discussing “the tipping point” and readying ourselves for the New Year and new decade!

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Besos xo

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