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This week, I discussed the new and exciting decade that awaits us on the horizon, one that is only a few months away, that last quarter stretch of 2019.

We are heading straight into the 20s, a period that will be looked back on as a time of profound technological innovation and social progression, at least I hope so!

To get ready into a peak state of being for this exciting time in our history, I posed four questions to ask ourselves that will determine if we are prepared. I will provide example answers that draw from my own experiences and methods.

Q1: What did you do in 2019, so far, that you are proud of?

A: For me, 2019 was a time of growth and change, and my pride stems from the day I diverted all of my attention and resources into my business. Despite being launched in 2018, it was only during this year that I wholly transitioned to self-employment after gaining some amazing clients. I even expanded by bringing on a team!

Being able to finally get clear and break free from my routine – one that badly affected my mental physical health – was like a huge weight being lifted from my shoulders. That is what I am most proud of; changing. However, I am equally proud of my clients and the changes they have made in order to transform into their true selves.

Make It Happen International Women's Day
Make It Happen International Women’s Day

Q2: What did you achieve in 2019?

A: Achievements and success look different to everyone, taking the shape of monetary gain to climbing the highest peak of the tallest mountain. My biggest achievement of 2019 so far is overcoming my fear of public speaking.

I was absolutely terrified of getting up there and showing the world that I have a voice. I had to gather every ounce of strength and determination that secretly burned inside me, desperate to get out set me on a path to finding happiness.

By being able to speak to a large audience, I found my general confidence growing in all elements of everyday life. I could approach groups and strangers easier than ever before, all because I put myself in a situation that was fight or flight, and I fought until my voice broke.

These days I love public speaking events and look forward to helping and getting my message out to as many people as possible. Speaking of which, have you seen my Facebook Live Series?

Q3: What decisions did you make in 2019 that led to greatness?

A: Greatness is a subjective term, of course, and we all experience and interpret it in different ways. My idea of greatness is finding the woman inside me who longed to be released for twenty years, and the decisions I made to do this were simple: I cut out the crap and focused on me.

All throughout my life, I have taken joy in supporting and guiding others as a natural teacher and leader. However, I neglected to spend any of that time on me. Not truly, at least. A few superfluous treats and gifts to myself were only to stop me from going crazy, but were not ways of improving or discarding bad habits!

By deciding to improve my wellbeing through self-care, I found the path to what I consider a form of greatness, and that is becoming the woman I was always meant to be.

Q4: What decision did you make in 2019 that led to a struggle and how did you overcome it?

A: Saving the best for last, you see. With new levels come new devils.That’s what one of my coaches said to me once, and boy was she right.

I told you that I am most proud of seeing results and growth both within myself and my business, as well as my clients, ya?

Well, the thing about being an entrepreneur, is that while you start off as a solopreneur, at some point, when your business is successful of course, you need to scale.

You need to look at the activities you do and what you need to delegate, automate, eliminate or keep so that you can spend your valuable time on more income producing activities.

I thought hiring and delegating as a Manager in Corporate was hard, try doing it for your own business. A whole whack of fears and challenges arise when you get to the next level of success because everything is new all over again.

Now, I’ve learned a TON when it comes to running a team, let alone a business in the last 15-20 years. When you’re ready to scale, you need to control your emotions at every point, as much as possible. From my CPA days, the way to take emotion out is to create an action plan with clear metrics, milestones, and ownership. Use aromatherapy, yoga, or meditation to help with this as well.

I’ve always been taught to master what you’re delegating or teaching, and make sure you have systems in place before you scale, with clear job descriptions that are structured to measure performance, as an example.

I learned so much about myself in terms of what I know by way of teaching others, and what I really need. Keep it simple, keep at it, believe in yourself and your capabilities, and don’t ever stop because struggles are just tests to make sure you still really want what you’re going for, and they come in all shapes and sizes, but are always triggered by choices.

So, make choices with love and joy, and not with fear, and you’ll be just fine.

Join me next week for another episode of Life Strategies with Nat, and don’t forget to join my Facebook group if you haven’t already.

Remember, 2020 will be a time of great change, so be ready for anything and always keep high vibe no matter what happens.

See you soon!


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