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As I was sitting at Waves beach bar, I realized my heaven face was in full effect. At that moment, I took it all in and appreciated that first day and all of my adventures to date. Too often we don’t stop to be in the now and think too much about the past or the the future. I don’t think I fully expected just what was in store for me here.

In Tarifa, the weather is sunny and breezy and the scene is breathtaking. People all over the world come here mainly for the kite surfing. For me, rooftop yoga and windsurfing lessons were in my immediate future at Tarifa Natural Surf Club.

I’ve never tried windsurfing so I was feeling all sorts of things – fear, excitement, nervousness – but that’s what it’s all about. Trying new things and getting out of comfort zones – that’s how you grow.

We had a great first yoga rooftop class where I really felt my hips open up. I feel so much stronger and longer after having been practicing yoga so much more these last months. I actually signed up for a yoga instructor course in Lembongan, Bali starting November, which I’m pretty excited for. I’m looking forward to deepening my practice and learning more about the body’s anatomy more than anything. But back to the now 😉

It’s amazing the people you meet that are taking or have already taken a chance to change, a leap of faith to leave what they know and do something completely different. So often we coast or stay in something – job, relationship, etc. – where we aren’t our best self.

I met a woman who left her corporate job because she recognized that she was working long hours, which in turn was impacting her quality of life with her family and well being. She opened up an Escape Room and coordinates Murder Mystery events – I used to absolutely Murder Mystery dinners growing up.

Other people at the Surf Club also had similar stories of taking chances and following their dreams. It was all rather inspiring. All I know right now is that I am enjoying life, I am taking care of myself… and I am not too bad at windsurfing hahaha. I will be back Tarifa…

Lessons Learned

  • Never hold anyone but yourself accountable for your actions and your life
  • Listen to your body, mind, and soul – Life usually finds a way of opening windows and doors when you need them, you just have to pay attention and choose to go through them or not
  • Sometimes doing something you love means doing something that is so incredibly scary – don’t let fear paralyze you, just do it!

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