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As I was sitting at Waves beach bar, I realized my heaven face was in full effect. At that moment, I took it all in and appreciated that first day and all of my adventures to date. Too often we don’t stop to be in the now and think too

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Granada & Ronda

People were not kidding when they said that these two Spanish cities were among the most beautiful and historical places they’ve visited in Spain. I had it all planned out: I was going to do day trips from Málaga – one day for Granada and one day for Ronda. I

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I could really live here one day… The weather is perfect, well for me anyway, and the people are so full of heart. The sun shines pretty much all the time here in Costa del Sol, ergo the name I’m sure. Knowing first hand what winter does to people, that’s

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Road trip: Valencia to Málaga

Last minute, long drives and cosmic encounters is the theme of this adventure. After I got over the grief of leaving Valencia (short lived, not to worry), I started to get excited. I’ve always longed to travel to Málaga since university – I really should have studied here, but that’s

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So… Valencia… this city surprised me and exceeded my expectations more than I could have imagined. Barcelona used to be my favourite city, but this just in: Valencia has taken first place in Spain. The climate, the people, the city, the green space, the history… I could go on and

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Road Trip: Barcelona to Girona to Tarragona

Well, Barcelona was yet again AMAZING! The food, the people, just everything was great. I spent the remaining days after the retreat enjoying mostly the food, can’t lie. hahaha The trilogy happened at The Boqueria, where we ate an array of seafood – razor clams, scallops, scampi, gambas, squid, garlic

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The Spanish arrival…

After taking a flight from Cairo to Barcelona with my cousin, we were off to a flat where I would stay the night in Castelldefals, then head downtown Barcelona to a flat for one night, and then off to my first Yoga Retreat: Yoga Weeks Yeah! Quite an interesting time to

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Natalia Edelmann

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