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Episode 46: The Last Quarter Stretch

This week, I discussed the new and exciting decade that awaits us on the horizon, one that is only a few months away, that last quarter stretch of 2019. We are heading straight into the 20s, a period that will be looked back on as a time of profound technological

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10 signals that you need a change

It happens to the best of us, the us that works hard and plays hard, the us that checks all the boxes that we were taught to — a good education so you can get a good job so you can get nice car and a nice house, so you

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Go ahead, change it up!

Change. Be adaptable. Get out of your comfort zone. Take chances. Face fears. Any of these sound familiar? They sure do ring a bell for me. So, why do some people find it so hard to change? Is it fear? Is it laziness? Is it self-doubt? The first question has

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As I was sitting at Waves beach bar, I realized my heaven face was in full effect. At that moment, I took it all in and appreciated that first day and all of my adventures to date. Too often we don’t stop to be in the now and think too

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Natalia Edelmann

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