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Did you catch this week’s Life Strategies with Nat for the Entrepreneurial Woman – Episode 26 with Charlotte Maslen, Founder of the App Creator?

Charlotte owns five apps for the App Store and has worked on over 50 apps for global companies. She now helps entrepreneurs create and own their own apps for passive income – no tech knowledge required.

Naturally, I had to bring her on the show. She actually created her first app while pregnant!

One thing that she said that stuck with me from our chat was if you have an app idea, and you’ve researched it and you feel in your gut that there’s a need for it, go for it!

Your gut is never wrong and besides, you have Charlotte to help you!

Make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change

This has been my motto since I decided to take back control of my life.

People ask me – how did you do it Nat? Like how did you just turn your life around – I mean, you quit your job, you travelled, you started your own company, and now you’re a completely different person!

And I am a completely different person, I’m me!

I lost myself along the way and I just had to find me again … it was a voice I heard deep inside that was calling to me all those years ago – there’s more for you!

And here I am, telling you that there was absolutely more for me, and there still is. Just like I know there is absolutely more for you too.

If you’re hungry for it that is.

No guts, no glory

I created this post not too long ago, but the message came up again in this episode.

Why do things seem so impossible and so scary until we actually do them?

This comes up time and time again because it’s how we’re programmed. No seriously. Our brains are trained to scan for problems and protect us.

I know we’re not in the caveman days anymore, but fight, flight or freeze is still a very real thing – it’s a body and brain function.

We need to start training our brain to look for solutions not problems, and to control our emotions so that we can remain calm, cool and collected.

You don’t make good decisions when you’re in a negative state: FACT

When you’re worried about money, when you’re afraid of making a mistake or failing, when you’re upset… you’re just not thinking clearly.

It’s that simple. You are in more control than you realize.


Clarity is everything

When you’re really clear about what you want, you develop this certainty that it’s just all going to work out.

When you get healthy from the inside out, you start to create success habits which translate into greater confidence and in turn increased profits.

When you develop an unstoppable mindset, there’s nothing or noone that can stop you, not even yourself.

That’s where I come in, and that’s why you’re here, reading this blog. Thank you so much!

I’d be lying to you if I told you I came here on my own. One of the first things I did was a Vision Board, and then I worked with Christine Kane, Queen of Vision Boards and I started teaching them.

Well didn’t the love for this method of Vision Boards get so popular that I just made an online workshop to satisfy the demand. It’s not the same, but it’s still a lot of fun.

You just have to promise me not to let anyone or anything distract you, unless it’s an emergency!

Then months later, I started to work with another coach and joined a mentorship – The best thing I ever did for myself was to invest in myself. It pays forward ten-fold, and I have met some amazing women in the process.

If you’re tired of feeling confused and overwhelmed trying to create a life that you know is calling to you, then I would love to help you. You know you can call me right! Definitely check out the program if you’re not sure.

If you are sure, you can apply right now!

Apart from that, it’s a lot of hard work and loving and believing in yourself especially when the going gets tough.

All the little things you do today are for your tomorrow – you got this!

Much love, and in case you missed the episode, you can click the picture below to catch the replay.

xo Nat

Episode 26 – Life Strategies With Nat For The Entrepreneurial Woman with Guest Expert Charlotte Maslen

If you have an idea for an app, and you’ve done a bit of research or you’re sure it’s something people need, definitely send her a message and be sure to let her know you saw the show!

I really hope this week has inspired you or helped you in more ways than one.

xo Nat

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