Secret Diaries of a Female EntrepreneurI am over the moon and feeling so grateful to be part of this book that was released last week!

The Secret Diaries of a Female Entrepreneur.

With much mentoring and coaching I have learned to reflect and celebrate the wins no matter how small and large.

Thinking back to that one simple choice, that chance that forever changed my life.  

Someone asked me recently, what would you say to your 20-year-old self? And I thought, well, what would she say to me? She’d be so damn proud that I went for it and gave it all I got. 

That’s what I hope to inspire within you through my writing and my teaching, mentorship and coaching

What if everything happens for you and not to you?

The one question everyone asks me is: how did you do it Nat? How did you just up and change your life like that. If you knew me all my life, you’d get this even more. 

I changed a lot from my 20s to my 30s, and I achieved a lot, but I burnt out because I was drowning my fire without realizing it.

I remember that it wasn’t until I had severe aches and pains that I really started to check in with myself and realize that I didn’t recognize the person I had become. 

I was operating at a seriously low vibration – I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t moving (i.e. exercising), I wasn’t eating properly, I wasn’t getting enough sun, fresh air or water… I was just existing. 

When you’re talking about getting back in the driver’s seat of your life, you need help and a framework that gives you a 360 view into your life.

I use the Wellness 360 philosophy that speaks to 12 life elements – career, finances,  spirituality (i.e. big picture, we’re all connected), mindset, purpose, relationships, food, sun, body, air, rest, and water. 

These are the foundational elements of your life that are directly correlated to your happiness, health, and wealth. 


Have you ever done something that made you so nervous, but that felt so incredibly good that you felt it in every cell of your body? That winning the lottery kind of feeling, only real.

For me it was speaking at the International Women’s Make It Happen Conference in Spain early this year. It was thrilling and for the first time in my life before a big presentation, the biggest I had ever done to date, I was calm, cool and collected. 

Even despite the technical issues where my slides weren’t working, I powered through as if it was nothing. 

I felt unstoppable and so alive! 


Life is energy, and energy is life. I know you’ve probably heard about the law of attraction, but what about the other 11 universal laws?

I’ve created a mini course explaining them and how to use them, but let me highlight the Universal Law of Vibration.

If you’re reading this, you are about to tap into the world’s greatest secret – The Law of Attraction only works when it’s used along with the other 11 laws, especially the Law of Vibration.

So, to understand the Law of Vibration, you have to understand that everything in this world is made of energy. Take it back to grade 9 science class team…

The trees, the air you breathe in, your plants, your car, the table, your smartphone, animals and even your body are made of energy. We are all just made of atoms and molecules.

Your thoughts and emotions also have an energy, which is why when you’re feeling sad, anxious or angry, you feel low vibe, and when you’re happy and joyful, you feel high vibe.

Why aren’t you getting the results you want?

Quite simply, your energy.

When you understand that your thoughts and emotions are energy vibration (Law of Vibration), and you know that “like attracts like” (Law of Attraction), you will appreciate that you can now start to alter and transform your life just by altering your thoughts and emotions, which will ultimately alter the energy vibration within you and everything around you.

Now that you’ve master that, it’s time to get to work.

How to get the results you want…

I was listening to this podcast called Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast, episode 307 – the science behind setting and achieving goals.

Really great discussion on this very topic. Let me break it down with my own spin.


Strategy and Planning my friends is the key to life. I have a lot of keys, I know, but I’m serious.

Remember: A goal without a plan is just a wish. A dream without a plan is just a wish.

You can’t just say I want to get fit and eat ice cream all day just like you can’t make the goal so easy that you’re not challenging yourself – The harder the challenge, the greater the reward.

You need a SMART goal – something specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely.

You need to visualize this goal, as in look at it every day. This not only keeps you in high vibe, it keeps you focused and committed emotionally to your goal because you see it and connect to it daily.

This is why Vision Boards are sooo powerful. The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves at our brainstem hat filters out unnecessary information so the important stuff gets through.

Ever go to buy a car and then notice that car everywhere – it’s your subconscious filtering out desired outcomes, the law of attraction at its finest. This is what Module 1 is all about!

Make a plan

Remember we said a goal without a plan is just a wish?

Make an action plan. This was hammered to me when I was doing my Certified Management Accounting (CMA/CPA) designation. It was based on 3 pillars – Management, Strategy and Accounting.

Action Plans counted for a serious chunk of your marks because that’s where the money is and 40% of what we do subconsciously is out of habit.

We can control our habits – Read The Power of Habit if you haven’t already.

This comes back to who do you need to be to do what you want to do and have what you want come to you with ease – this is my zone of genius!

Schedule it

Once you have a plan, schedule it in. You should have timelines considered in the planning stage, but this is where it goes through a second review and gets solidified in your mind.

You can start to see it more clearly because it’s in the calendar. If it’s not in the calendar, it’s taking up too much precious space in your head.

You’re building a business to support your life, not the other way round.

Hold yourself accountable

People who have mentors, coaches, accountability partners… they achieve results fast: FACT!

In the podcast they talked about a case study that was done and they found that 76% that had weekly accountability and clear goals, planning and scheduling, achieved their goals compared to 42% that just had a goal in their head.

What would that mean for you and your business?

What if your uncertainty disappeared and you knew exactly what to focus on every day without fail?

What if you could feel better about life’s natural disruptions?

Everything starts with intention, but intention starts with getting clear.

If you’re ready to take back control of your life and fall back in love with your life and business, apply for a strategy call with me.

Life Strategies with Nat for the Entrepreneurial Woman

This was episode 21 of my Facebook Live Series, helping you live your best life with clarity, purpose and abundance.

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Until next time!


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