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Face your fear and do it anyway!

Did you catch this week’s Life Strategies with Nat for the Entrepreneurial Woman – Episode 26 with Charlotte Maslen, Founder of the App Creator? Charlotte owns five apps for the App Store and has worked on over 50 apps for global companies. She now helps entrepreneurs create and own their

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Your CEO Path to Clarity

Are you ready to get back into the CEO position of your life and business? I work with so many entrepreneurial women that set out to create a dream life and freedom business only to find themselves feeling more overwhelmed, lost and confused than ever before. I find that it’s

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3 Steps to Clarity … i.e. your ideal growth zone

If everything starts with intention, what does intention start with? Well, Clarity. When I was learning about not just the law of attraction, but the other universal laws (yes, there are others), it opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking. And then, I got really fascinated with

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7 steps to getting clear on your values

This week on my Live Training, I talked about how having stronger values can lead to better decisions. I’m not sure if you realize, but values exist whether you know them or not. They help us decide and make choices that are in line with who we are and what

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Natalia Edelmann

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