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You Know You’re Successful When

If you’re anything like me, you’re an entrepreneurial woman who is heart-centered and wants to make a HUGE impact in this world. Have you started on your entrepreneurial journey only to feel like you’ve created a hobby versus a business? Do you ever feel bad about asking for money in

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Imposter! The Natural Genius, The Soloist and The Expert (Part 3)

Women are redefining entrepreneurship and reshaping the future as we know it. You’re an entrepreneurial woman wanting to make an impact, I get it. It’s why you’re here, following me, reading my blogs, applying for spots in my premium mentorship program. According to the latest global trends, though happiness as

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Intuition, happiness and inspiration

This week we’re talking about intuition, happiness and inspiration. On my Facebook Live Series – Life Strategies with Nat – I had a special guest speaker from The Hunch Club, Heather Prince. Heather and Lisa Michaels are the founders of The Hunch Club, focused on giving people a self-empowerment online

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Natalia Edelmann

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