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Wishing you and your loved ones the very merriest of holidays and all the very best for the new year!

I love this time of year. It’s a time for love, for reflection, and celebration! All the holidays with parties, get-togethers, corporate dinners, and of course the endless family celebrations.

As I gear up for my next mentorship program starting in January, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to so many people who are wanting to take part.

The majority of people who I speak to are all facing challenges in one or more aspects of life, and have not been able to make the changes and shifts they have wanted to on their own.

And while the holidays can sneak up on us ever year, so many of you are committed to making this holiday fun and healthy.

If you missed it my Live Training on December 11, 2018 on Facebook, I shared my Healthy Holiday Tips, which I wanted to share here as well – I even added a few extra!

Fact: The average person will gain 7-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

You’ve already told me that you aren’t going to let that happen to you this holiday season even with all the temptations knocking at your door.

Boss’s or staff giving you boxes of chocolate or bottles of wine, Grandma’s homemade warm apple pie, Aunt Martha’s cheesy potato casserole, and even grocers putting out their array of colorful and mouth-watering cookies, pies, and exquisite holiday pastries are just the beginning.

IMPORTANT! There is no need to deprive your taste buds this holiday season. Instead, try something new this year. Make your 2019 goals before the holidays even begin.

Goal: making this season, a season full of making compromises and better choices for a healthier you.

Follow these healthy eating tips and look and feel your best during this holiday season.

Healthy Holiday Tips

  • Don’t make a meal with the appetizers. Remember that appetizer is another word for, “nibble” or “starter”. Take one or two and wait for the second course, which will help you avoid overeating.
  • Plan ahead. Eat lighter meals on the days you have a holiday party to attend. Don’t skip breakfast or lunch to make up for your twenty course holiday dinner. You will eat too fast and too much.
  • Snack on fruits and vegetables before heading out the door. Having a small salad filled with antioxidants and fiber is a great way to help with hunger.
  • Watch your portions. Forget the seconds and save room for dessert. Just say, “No Thank You!”
  • Look for high in fiber foods like whole grains, greens, and fruits.
  • If you’re the host, send your guests away with some leftovers. This lets them enjoy something at home and save you from eating all of the leftovers yourself.
  • On average, it takes your stomach 20 minutes to produce hormones that tell your brain you’re full. So, eat slowly and you’ll feel full faster with less food. Tip: This is good for any meal, not just the holidays.
  • Socialize away from the buffet, dessert table, or even the candy dish. We tend to eat more if the temptation is right in front of us.
  • Keep moving. Take your family or dog for a nice brisk walk before or after dinner.
  • Stay hydrated with the legendary H2O. Limit your alcohol and caffeine consumption.
  • Get rid of candles and replace with a diffuser or DIY toxic free candles. The smoke from the candles can be even more toxic than cigarette smoke! If you’ve been wanting to make the switch to a diffuser and also get started with essential oils, use my referral link to get yourself a premium starter kit. I’ll help you get started as well, since I use mine every day, so you’ll know how to get the most of your kit.

On that note, I want to take a moment to thank each of you for joining me on my wellness journey, and for letting me into yours.

I am so grateful for you and your time. Sending much love and joy to you and yours!

Your partner in health, wellness and life,


PS To share the love, I wanted to offer my boxing week sale pricing to you earlier for those still considering or who are interested in my premium mentorship program.

The sale is on until December 31st, 2018, and all you need to do is apply to enrol in my program by that time to be eligible for the discount. If you’ve already applied, but haven’t yet committed, this sale is for you too!

There are only 10 spaces, click the pictures below to learn more and submit your application.

Can’t wait!!

I am opening my calendar on Friday, December 28 and Saturday, December 29, to anyone who submitted applications but have yet to speak with, and then we’re into January 2019!

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