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How to find your courage

This week I had the pleasure of having Mojca Henigman, Mindset Coach and NLP practitioner on Life Strategies With Nat for the Entrepreneurial Woman – Episode 28 – this week. We talked about a range of things that you can do to help you find your courage from vulnerability to

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Where there is darkness, there is light

Overcoming struggle, trauma, darkness, this is what we’re talking about this week. On Tuesday, I invited guest expert Linzi Helen to come and speak to us about Triumph Over Trauma, a movement she has started to help women overcome trauma and live their true path. As soon as we connected,

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Get the FUNK out of here!

You’re in a life transition. You don’t feel right, like something is off, but you can’t really put your finger on it. You just don’t seem yourself, and things seem to be getting harder and harder, you get busier and busier, and you just can’t seem to get a grip

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Top 10 relationship blocks

Happy Valentine’s Day yesterday! The month of romance is upon us, so Relationships are on the table for discussion at the moment. After all, they are one of our life environments, and absolutely play a role in our overwell happiness, wellness and life fulfillment. On Life Strategies with Nat this

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How to Lose the Diet Lifestyle for Good!

Diet. It’s this word that has made us forget about what eating is all about. It’s about energy, enjoyment, love, and life.  Let me know if you’ve ever said this to your self? I can’t eat that because I’m on a diet I have to lose weight so I can

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Life Series: Finance – nothing to fear here!

Finance. What a loaded concept slash word slash thought. Life. What a loaded concept/word/thought. You see what I did there? hehe Anyway, so, these past two weeks, I’ve been looking at my finances and reflecting on my goals, and it occurred to me that there are so many people that

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Natalia Edelmann

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