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Can I just say that I love what I do!

An incredible Facebook Live Series with Health & Wellness Coach Danielle Ufland-Westfield in St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

Yup! We drove about an hour each to meetup to present to you LIVE and IN PERSON Episode 24 of Life Strategies with Nat for the Entrepreneurial Woman.

While the episode was called It’s Not a Diet, It’s A Lifestyle Part 2, this blog post had to be called ‘Something Kind of Beautiful’ because that word ‘Beautiful’ came up a lot during our conversation. 

It actually wasn’t too long ago that Danielle had invited me in as a guest expert, and I got to do a 5 day mini Life Strategies course where by the end, people were feeling clear, connected and in control of their next move and direction. 

The link to this episode is coming up!

The Road to Success Starts With You

Life Strategies with Nat QuoteDanielle talked about her road to success, which was similar to mine in the sense that it was our deteriorating health that made us realize that we needed a change. 

We both sought out people and experiences to help us get our mojo back but most importantly we had to heal our bodies from the inside out. 

We both stumbled upon plant based living and discovered product lines that helped us eliminate toxins, heal our guts, and do so much for our energy and mindset. 

What Danielle reminded us was that YOU are the only one in charge. YOU have to decide first. 

It reminded me just how grateful I am for my own journey that now I get to help high achieving entrepreneurs like yourself uplevel your life by stepping into your power and being your best self, the self that knows exactly what she wants and what she needs to do and doesn’t let anything discourage her. 

You can have it all, in fact, you already do but you don’t know it or feel it just quite yet, that is if you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you’ve lost your mojo lately, or for some of you like you’ve created business jail instead of a freedom business. 

The Philosophy that got my mojo back!

IAWP Wellness 360Wellness 360 is a philosophy I learned while getting my Wellness Coaching Certification, which is the same philosophy I used to completely turn my life around health wise, career wise, mindset wise, finance wise… you get the picture… and if you don’t, you will soon!

Wellness 360 became a holistic philosophy that showed myself and all my clients how to take into account all areas of your well-being and understand the interconnection between them so that you can better leverage your time and energy.  

It has been amazing to see the results that I and other people have had and how this has changed their lives.

Wellness 360 is indeed a holistic philosophy that supports the integration of all areas of our well-being.

But it’s not just one-dimensional. It’s actually a three dimensional, layered system that supports the whole person.  

Each layer of Wellness 360 can be used to change your health and life on different levels, and is integrated into my coaching and mentorship programs.

It’s about going beyond just our external health, and into the inner layers of ourselves that can help us define and evolve our whole being to truly grow and allow ourselves to uplevel our lives.

On the first layer — the physical, external layer, Wellness 360 provides a holistic framework for balancing our lives using the 12 elements of life – food, water, air, sun, body, rest, relationships, career, finances, spirituality, purpose, and mindset.

On the second layer — the internal, inner layer, Wellness 360 goes to the next level by integrating both the external and internal elements.

What’s happening on the inside is often as important as what is happening on the outside which is what we focus on in step three of the 5 step Make It Happen Success System.

And finally, on the third layer — the symbolic, more “energetic” layer or that hidden layer you can’t see that represents our soul — Wellness 360 provides greater meaning to the areas of our life that are out of balance and provides a deeper understanding of ourselves and our respective life journeys.

There is no one right way to experience Wellness 360. It’s a customized, personal system that will evolve with you as you learn these methods with me.

Clarity, Habits, and State

Life Strategies with Nat

Everything starts with intention but the first part of intention, is getting clear.

Once you’re clear, it’s about creating an action plan and scheduling it in, committing to making it happen.

You are your habits and patterns, your thoughts and feelings, so this is where you get to focus on you because that might just be all you need.

You don’t need more training, you don’t need more skills, you need to go deep within yourself and break free from what is stopping you or holding you back from your dreams.

I hope this blog and episode inspired you to reach for what is possible because anything is when you believe and put yourself first so that you can be your best self for you and everyone else.

Much love,


Episode 24 – Life Strategies with Nat for the Entrepreneurial Woman

As promised, here is the replay of Episode 24 with Danielle Ufland-Westfield, Health & Wellness Coach.

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