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Episode 44: Clearer Values, Clearer Decisions

In this week’s episode, I discussed the importance of using your values to make better decisions.

As humans beings, we are bound by our choices and those choices shape who we become and the direction our lives are going in.

I know so many people who rarely look to their values to help them in their decision making, resulting in feeling negatively, unsatisfied or unfulfilled altogether.

So, are YOU feeling indecisive lately? Why is that?

It is probably because the decision you need to make is a major one.

It is a decision that reveals before you multiple roads, all leading in vastly different and life-altering directions.

There are so many elements to consider when trying to decide which road to travel down, such as financial, social, romantic and more.

There is no denying that you need to be realistic and practical before making such a decision, or you may spell disaster for the life you are heading towards.

Our values should compliment our decision making, adding an extra layer of depth and consideration before you embark on your journey.

If let’s say…

Consider this scenario: an entrepreneurial woman wants to move to Chicago from her small town in Alaska because she knows that there is a better chance at finding business. In doing so, she leaves behind her close friends and family and even a budding romantic life.

With all the practical elements considered, she has her values remaining. What does she value more? Her friends and family, or her career? Two roads come into view, splitting her life down the middle and ultimately decide her fate.

Whatever decision she makes, she did so because she was informed by her values.

We can’t judge her for that. Your life is your own, and whatever you decide should be done so in pursuit of fulfillment and wellness.

Clear Values = Clear Decisions = Success

A successful woman may not be a happy one, and a happy woman may not be successful.

Rarely do we get to have the best of both worlds, but having values and allowing those values to compliment our decisions is a great way to finding happiness.

There is a reason we have values in the first place.

They are a reflection of the person we want to be and the life we want to lead. It is not impossible to have the best of both worlds and Lord knows it’s a hard fight to accomplish that, but nobody should be judged for making a decision that is informed by what they truly value in life.

Happiness does not have to be defined by wealth or how much you have, it can be defined by how you feel – the fulfillment and joy that arises from taking a path that leads to what you value in life.

Maybe wealth is your core value, and power to you. Go for it. Again, it’s all about you, no fear, no regrets!

To watch the replay of this live episode, click HERE.


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